About the company

History of our company.

1979-1991 Department of the All-Union Scientific Research, Design and Technology Institute of Electrothermal Equipment (VNIIETO).

We were engaged in design and development of techniques, technologies and equipment for deposition of coatings on products by ion-plasma electric arc method. The institute was leading scientific and technical division of Russia in this field.

Our main projects over these years – developed a range of technologies and systems (such as IEP, NSHV, NNV) for deposition of wear-resistant and other functional coatings on products by ion-plasma electric arc method. Our developed equipment was being commercially produced by specialized factories SarZETO (Saratov) and NZETO (Novosibirsk). More than 1500 pieces of NNV-6.6 (I1-I5) plants were manufactured and delivered in our industry and in other countries.


In 1991, on the basis of the institute "Vacuum Ionic Technologies"Joint-Stock Company was established. Over the years we have:

We are open to cooperation.