Плазменные установки


Versatile plant for making coatings and materials.

Plant for application of strengthening and decorative coatings.

Plant for multilayer multicomponent nanostructure materials and coatings.

Plant for processing long-length products.

Plant for applying thick coatings on bulky products of complex shape.

Upgraded plant NVV-6.6.

Plant for deposition of coating on large products with complex shape

Plant for multilayer multicomponent nanostructure materials and coatings.

The unit is designed for multi-component, multilayer, nanostructure materials and coatings. The plant has CALT SID technology implemented – Cathodic Arc Low Temperature Separated Ion Deposition – application of coating from separated arc discharge plasma at low temperature.

The plant is equipped with:

  • two electric arc plasma sources SPS-1 with separation of plasma flow;
  • one direct flow plasma source - evaporator;
  • highly efficient vacuum system;
  • three channel system of working gas supply;
  • planetary product rotation mechanism;
  • substrate power source operating in both continuous and pulse modes;
  • effective high-frequency protection of products from damage by microarc discharges;
  • small-sized high frequency power sources;
  • modern microprocessor control system.

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