Our plants.

Plant construction principle.
Units and systems of the plant.
                 Details of the purpose and characteristics of components and systems of plants.
Examples of our plants.

Plant construction principle.

Our plants are built in a modular fashion a set of generic components and systems for specific tasks and requirements.

The figure shows a simplified scheme of a typical plant.


Plant scheme.


Simplified principle of plant operation is as follows:

Plasma sources of different types, located on walls of vacuum chamber, the flow of plasma is generated based on ions of plasma sources cathode material and ions of working gas supplied to the chamber. The flow is directed to a substrate or products placed in a vacuum chamber on rotation mechanism. Plasma flow ions are accelerated by the voltage from substrate power supply, attached to rotation mechanism. Plasma ions bombard the substrate surface. Depending on the process parameters, we get:

Units and systems of the plant.

The plant usually includes the following units and devices:

  1. Vacuum chamber.
  2. Water cooling and plant unit heating system.
  3. Product rotation mechanisms.
  4. Vacuum system.
  5. Gas supply system.
  6. Various sources of plasma.
  7. Power sources of various systems.
  8. 8. High voltage substrate power source.
  9. Automated plant control system.

Read more about application and specifications of plant units and systems.

Examples of our plants.

  1. Versatile plant for making coatings and materials.
  2. Plant for application of strengthening and decorative coatings.
  3. Plant for multilayer multicomponent nanostructure materials and coatings.
  4. Plant for processing long-length products.
  5. Plant for applying thick coatings on bulky products of complex shape.
  6. Upgraded plant NVV-6.6.