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Vacuum chambers

Vacuum chamber of our plants, as a rule, have chamber or shaft type. Cell type chamber has a side door, are easy for maintenance, versatile and widely used for processing of various products. Shaft type chambers have a top lid with lifting mechanism and are intended as a rule for handling large heavy products that are loaded with lifting mechanisms.

Chambers are made of low gasing stainless steel. Chamber walls have “water shirt” for cooling during operation and hot water heating during chamber opening to prevent water vapor condensation and outgassing during pumping out.

The dimensions of vacuum chambers, number of windows for mounting plasma sources and other units, sight glasses are determined by requirements and tasks set for the plant.

Dimensions of chambers at our plants are from Ø600×600 mm (~200 l) to Ø1200×1400 mm (~ 1600 liters) and number of plasma sources is up to 9.

Figures show the examples of chambers of our plants.


Cell type with dimensions Ø1000×1200 mm.


Shaft type with dimensions Ø900×900 mm.


Cell type with dimensions Ø700×600 mm.


Shaft type with dimensions Ø1100×1000 mm.