Ceramic coatings based on aluminum oxide

Aluminum oxide Al2O3 due to unique combination of properties (high mechanical strength, hardness, durability, fire resistance, thermal conductivity, chemical inertness) is widely used in modern technology. On its basis a wide range of high quality materials is produced for electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and other industries.

Coatings based on Al2O3 have good prospects for application:

Currently we obtained homogeneous nanostructured non-porous layers of Al2O3 with thickness up to 20 microns with a breakdown voltage of at least 1000 V by methods of deposition from separated plasma of vacuum arc on substrates of aluminum and steel.

Al2O3 coating is translucent up to certain thickness and has a different color depending on thickness due to the interference of light. Below are photos of Al2O3 coating surface with various thicknesses. Unevenness of color is caused by the interference of light on small curvatures of substrate surface.

Ceramic Al2O3coatings with different thickness