Applying CALT SID technology (Cathodic Arc Low Temperature Separated Ion Deposition – deposition of coating from separated plasma of arc discharge at low temperatures) you get:

Some applications of our technologies and equipment:

1. Tool industry.
2. Mechanical engineering.
3. Aerospace industry.
4. Medical industry.
5. Industrial and consumer products.
6. Electronics.
7. MEMS – microelectromechanical systems and other nano- and microsystems.
8. Creation and production of new nanostructured materials.

1. Tool industry.
CALT SID coatings on tools represent:

Our plants work at the largest enterprises for manufacturing of cutting, stamping tools, moulds, puncheons, etc., such as:

In addition, many companies use the plants of our previous developments such as NNV-6.6 (I1-I5).

CALT SID technology is: reliability of Bosch automobile spark plugs installed in your car; large resource of tools, which you use; high technical level of VAZ cars production, which you may drive (have driven), etc.

See examples of tools, strengthened on plants.

2. Mechanical engineering.
CALT SID technologies enabled to use high-performance electric arc method widely in mechanical engineering and get:

Our plants work at many engineering plants, such as:

CALT SID coatings are: long life and high reliability of mechanisms; possibility to create mechanisms operating in more stringent modes and in more severe conditions. In particular, our equipment strengthens the engine parts of special machines operating in severe conditions with high dustiness levels.

See examples of parts , strengthened on our plants.

3. Aerospace industry.
Application technology of thick (up to 500 microns) gas-tight thermal barrier chemically neutral coatings is:

Our plants operate in a NPO Energomash of Academician V.P. Glushko OJSC for strengthening of parts for rocket engines of the first stage. Rocket engines with parts machined at our plants, will pick up not only the Russian and Ukrainian rocket, but also the U.S. Atlas rockets.

See examples of products. that are processed at our plants.

4. Medical industry. .
CALT SID coatings are:

A well-known example is coating in imitation of gold on dentures – in most cases it is obtained on our developed plants.

5. Industrial and consumer products.
Our technologies are:

Our coatings make high quality products out of consumer, construction, decorative and other goods.

Our plants work at many enterprises that produce industrial and consumer goods, such as:

See examples of products with protective coatings and decorative coatings made on our plants.

6. Electronics. .
CALT SID technologies are:

7. MEMS – microelectromechanical systems and other nano- and microsystems. . 
CALT SID technology is creation of MEMS elements and other nano- and microsystems.

MEMS are real three-dimensional structures which elements should have the opportunity of relative mechanical movement, in contrast to microelectronic products, which are essentially two-dimensional and mechanically static. Formation of such structures requires more effective processing methods than the methods used in microelectronics.

CALT SID technology is formation of three-dimensional structures for MEMS and other nano-and microsystems.

8. Creation and production of new nanostructured materials. .
CALT SID technology is creation of:

When multiple high-current electric source of wide-aperture separated purified plasma work together, alternately, or combined with cathodes of different materials, formation of multicomponent materials is possible without “observing” the laws of thermodynamics that determine equilibrium processes such as diffusion and solubility, that is materials that can not be obtained by traditional ways.

CALT SID technology is forming of multicomponent, multilayer, nanostructured materials on a substrate, nano-structured and three-dimensional structures, etc. See examples of multi-component multi-layer material , formed on our setup.

NNV-6.6 (I1-I5) plants, developed by us earlier, are used for research and development in different scientific centers such as the Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”, Tomsk Scientific Center SB RAS, etc. In some cases, plants are equipped with additional ion, plasma, gas sources and other devices. To date, such developments are not widely used in industry.

Capabilities of our modern plants and technologies are incommensurably higher than capabilities of NNV-6.6 plants and technologies applied on them..

Application field of our equipment and technology are constantly expanding – we are constantly conducting research, developing new equipment and technology. Do you have any questions? Contact us today and together we will understand the benefits of our technology in your area.