What plants do we manufacture?
Plant construction principle.
Some operational and technical characteristics of plants.
                     More information about plants, individual units and systems.
Upgrade of NNV-6.6 plants.
What plant do you need.

What plants do we manufacture?

We design and manufacture vacuum ion-plasma electric arc plants for making multicomponent, multilayer, nanostructure coatings and materials.

Our plants are versatile and designed for:

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Plant construction principle.

Plants are being built in a modular fashion – a set of generic components and systems for specific tasks and requirements. Settings for different tasks tend to differ by:

Some operational and technical characteristics of plants:

1. Size and number of processed products is determined by the size of working chamber, the number and location of plasma sources, type of mechanism for motion of products. Our various plants have the following parameters:

2. Performance of plants is determined by duration of the technological cycle, speed of coating, size of processed area. At our plants:

3. Type the coating or material is determined by the material of plasma source cathodes, working gases, process technology. At our plants we typically use:

Simultaneous or sequential modes of operation of plasma sources with different cathodes allow to obtain multi-component, multi-layer, composite materials and coatings.

4.Plant control systems – automated (either partially or completely).

5. Resources needed for plants:

6. Plants are of class of environmentally friendly equipment – they have no harmful emissions and radiation.

7. Plants maintenance does not require highly skilled personnel.

8. Warranty period for plants – not less than 12 months.

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Upgrade of NNV-6.6 plants.

Upgraded plant NNV-6.6 by technological capabilities is almost as good as modern plants; it meets all modern technical requirements. Upgraded plant NNV-6.6 is:

The volume of modernization is determined individually, based on required tasks. You get a modern plant with broad technological capabilities at much lower cost.

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What plant do you need?

State your task, operational requirements for your products, their working conditions.
Contact us. By asking a few questions we will understand the specifics of your tasks and be able to offer coating, materials, technology and equipment with the necessary capacity.
The equipment comes directly for your task and its characteristics may vary from the above.
Accessories can be supplies together with the plants – product preparation lines, dying ovens, industrial equipment, etc.