Плазменные установки


Versatile plant for making coatings and materials.

Plant for application of strengthening and decorative coatings.

Plant for multilayer multicomponent nanostructure materials and coatings.

Plant for processing long-length products.

Plant for applying thick coatings on bulky products of complex shape.

Upgraded plant NVV-6.6.

Plant for deposition of coating on large products with complex shape

Upgrade of NNV-6.6

Upgraded plant NVV-6.6 has broad technological capabilities, high technical level, efficiency, reliability and modern look. General view is shown in the photographs.

Upgraded plant NVV-6.6 is:

  • implementation of new technologies;
  • increased productivity, high technical level, high reliability;
  • modern high-performance plasma sources (evaporators), including new and unique SPS-1 sources with separation of the plasma flow;
  • modern electronics, plant control system and process control system based on industrial controller;
  • modern compact power sources
  • effective high-frequency protection of products from damage by microarc discharges;
  • highly efficient vacuum system;
  • highly efficient delivery system of controlled mixture of working gases on the basis of international flow meters;
  • other units and systems that comply with modern technical level;
  • appearance corresponding to modern requirements for process equipment.

Some operational and technical features of the plant:

  • pumping out time of the chamber to a working vacuum less than 12 minutes;
  • high efficiency, stability, reliability and ease of operation of plasma sources (evaporators);
  • new plasma sources with flow separation SPS-1 (read more about specifications of plasma source);
  • feed of working gases mixture into the chamber with automatic maintenance of pressure and mutual concentration of gases;
  • feed to the substrate (product) of constant accelerating voltage and pulse voltage with adjustable amplitude, duration and pulse ratio;
  • effective high-frequency protection of products from damage by microarc discharges;
  • heating of plant chamber and plasma source cases and other units in automatic mode;
  • advanced, reliable and easy to use plant control system based on industrial controller;
  • compact high-frequency power sources for arc discharges, pads and other systems.

    Read more about specifications of plant units and systems..

    Technologies, implemented on upgraded plant NNV-6.6.

    Besides standard technologies, upgraded plant NNV-6.6 has the entire package of CALT SID technologies – coating from separated arc discharge plasma at low temperature. CALT SID technologies allows to obtain multicomponent, multilayer, nanostructure materials and coatings for various applications.

    Read more about CALT SID technology and our specific working technologies.

    Plant upgrade includes:

    • complete revision of the plant with replacement of worn parts, all connecting cables, wires and vacuum seals;
    • forming modern appearance of the plant, cleaning, painting, etc.;
    • providing a full range of commissioning;
    • introduction of technology;внед
    • training of staff;
    • warranty service within 12 months;
    • information on new technological developments;
    • maintenance.

    Upgraded plant NVV-6.6 is a modern plant with broad technological capabilities. The volume of upgrade is determined individually, based on required tasks. You get a modern plant with broad technological capabilities at a much lower cost.