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Плазменные технологии


Plant for deposition of coating on large products with complex shape.

Nitride ceramics.

Ceramic-like nanostructured materials and coatings based on Al2O3 (sapphire).

Diffusion barriers and contact layers.

Nanoscale carbon and diamond-like coatings (DLC).

Vacuum Ionic Technologies Joint-Stock Company

Development of methods and technologies in the field of vacuum ionic-plasma cathodic arc methods of coating deposition, surface treatment, development of new nanostructured materials, creation of elements nanosystems and microsystems, etc.

Development and manufacturing of equipment for making coatings and materials by using ionic-plasma сathodic arc methods.

Full complex of services – development of technologies and equipment, manufacturing and delivery of equipment, installation of equipment and technologies, providing instructions, warranty service, further technical support.

Our technologies

We use our own developed technologies. Uniqueness of technologies is confirmed by corresponding patents for territories of Russia, Europe and the USA.

1. CALT SID Technologies – Cathodic Arc Low Temperature Separated Ion Deposition is a new direction in plasma сathodic arc technologies. CALT SID method solves numerous problems which exist in Cathodic Arc coating. CALT SID technologies are:

  • qualitatively new coatings in traditional field of application of Cathodic Arc coating – deposition of strengthening and other functional coatings on tools, parts of machines and other products;
  • expansion of application and capabilities of highly effectively Cathodic Arc method in such areas, as mechanical engineering, electronics, МEМS manufacturing – microelectromechanical systems and other microsystems, creation of new materials, etc.;
  • development of nanostructured materials and nanosystems.

2. Technologies of deposition for thick (up to 500 microns) nanostructured protective gas-tight thermo barrier coatings, working in aggressive environment at extreme temperatures. Technologies of deposition of thick coatings have the following benefits:

  • increase in resource life of rocket, aviation engines and other power equipment;
  • possibility of development of more powerful engines and power plants working in more rigid conditions.
Please find out more about our technologies and its application.

The equipment

We manufacture unique vacuum plasma equipment for different applications, including:

  • deposition of hard, wear resistant, strengthening, corrosion-resistant and other functional coatings and layers with special properties;
  • chemical-thermal processing of near-surface layers and making combined layers: diffusion underlayer + coating (for example, azotizing+coating);
  • deposition of thick (to 500 microns) protective layers on parts of machines and rocket, aviation engines, working in aggressive environment at extreme temperatures;
  • deposition of multicomponent, multilayered, nanostructured coatings and materials, materials on the basis of intermetallic compounds, 3-D structures and nanosystems;
  • and other specialized equipment.  

Our developments are used at production sites of Russia and the CIS countries, France, Germany, Israel, China and other countries.

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Upgrade of NNV-6.6 equipment:

Production equipment NNV-6.6 (I1-I5) has been developed by our team in 1984-1990 and was produced at factories in Saratov and Novosibirsk. Modernization of plants allows to bring them to a modern technological level, to raise efficiency of use and prolong service life. Upgraded equipment based on NNV-6.6 is:

  • the example for newest technologies;
  • productivity increase, high technological level, high reliability;
  • modern highly effective plasma sources (evaporators), including new unique sources SPS-1 with separation of plasma flow;
  • modern electronics, control system of plant and process on the basis of industrial controller;
  • modern compact power sources;
  • effective high-frequency system of surface protection from damage by microarc discharge;
  • high-efficiency vacuum system;
  • highly effective system of supply of controllable mix of working gases;
  • other units and systems corresponding to a modern technological level;
  • appearance corresponding to modern requirements to the process equipment;
  • warranty service.

Read more about upgrade of equipment based on NNV-6.6.