Вакуумные камеры







Plant for applying thick protective coatings on large products with complex shape.

Nitride ceramics.

Ceramic-like nanostructured materials and coatings based on Al2O3,(sapphire).

Diffusion barriers and contact layers. .

Nanoscale carbon and diamond-like coatings (DLC).

Nitride ceramics

Nitride ceramics is highly promising material for use in various fields of production of machinery and tools and microelectronics. Nitride ceramics is characterized by stability of dielectric properties, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance in different environments.

Great potential for practical use in microelectronics is based on aluminum nitride ceramics (AlN). Ceramics based on aluminum nitride possesses a unique combination of physical and electrical characteristics: abnormally high thermal conductivity, good electrical properties, moderate thermal expansion coefficient, photoelectric properties, preservation of efficiency over a wide temperature range.

These properties result on high prospect of AlN application in microelectronics for:

  • substrates and housings of high-power electronic circuits;
  • Insulating gaskets in heat removal systems from construction nodes, including substrates for thermoelectric converters on the basis of Peltier elements and LEDs;
  • Making wide-gap semiconductors and LEDs with a band gap up to 6eV;
  • etc.

Currently we obtained homogeneous layers of AlN with thickness up to 20 microns with a breakdown voltage of at least 1000 V by methods of deposition from separated plasma vacuum arc on substrates of aluminum and steel. Now we are developing technology of making AlN substrates for thermoelectric converters based on Peltier elements and substrates for LEDs.